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At each Summer Institute, participants will make-and-take everything they need to implement the curriculum in their classroom. All of the tactile games and activities will be organized into a bucket for ease of use and classroom implementation. By the end of the week, each bucket will be full of individual activities, small group games, and whole group manipulatives. How amazing will it be to start your school year with everything you need for reading or writing assembled and ready to go? Each participant will receive 200 pages of black-line curriculum masters at the Teach Big Conference Center and Retreat. You will begin the day with fresh, complimentary  breakfast, and two hand-made snacks will be prepared with creativity in mind.  The pampering you will receive on our campus will be just as memorable as the incredible content. If you choose to stay on campus for lunch, we have a menu on site that is sure to delight! Our trainings will be complete with rubrics that asses content areas in which you may take a concrete grade, but also those that are abstract. These easy-to-use rubrics will assess general communication skills, listening skills, and speaking skills. Throughout the week, you will have the opportunity to participant in voluntary competitions. Not only will you will walk away with great ideas that will translate into your classroom, but you may win some great prizes that will grow your curriculum and classroom support even more.

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On-Site Inservices

Become an active participant in brain-based learning at your campus!

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Experience training on our 5-acre conference center and retreat.

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Why Choose Us?

Our hearts’ greatest desire is to unite our unparalleled Reading WRITE approach with your natural ability to inspire and teach your students.

We promise to always provide activities which break concepts into small chunks and create lessons which are so BIG that they will be remembered for a lifetime!

Teach BIG & Reading WRITE is more than a company, we are a family of educators who want to welcome you home! There is no greater gift we can give our students than the desire to learn. So let’s join forces as we turn reading and writing into a love that lasts forever.

Our Home Campus

Kemah, TX

How Teach BIG! Can Serve You


We will inservice all of the teachers at your Campus so that vertical alignment can prevail. Every teacher plays a role, and together everyone creates a performance of a lifetime for each child. All students will benefit from the small chunking at each grade level, and will harbor a feeling of love for learning. Let us give each grade level team the WHY, the WHAT, and the HOW of effective vertical alignment for Reading and Writing.


We are excited to be offering the training of the future!  Make your own inservice plan and your own schedule. Feel free to stay in your pj’s or tackle a course at a time while sitting at your son’s baseball practice or your daughter’s softball practice. Either way, the content is spot on!  We offer entire courses that grant CPE/CPU credit upon course completion.  From the comfort of your own home, be ready to earn course credits, knowledge, and confidence in Reading and Writing. Completion certificates are granted at the conclusion of each course. We are continually adding new online courses, so check back often to stay in the know!


Be ready for effective content, but also be prepared to be pampered. We are on a mission to serve our teachers and make them feel like royalty. Enjoy specialized training that sports extensive handouts, relative PowerPoint shows, and easy-to-create manipulatives that all bring teaching to life in a BIG way. Send a new teacher who just joined your already-trained team, a whole grade level team, a vertical team, or your entire campus.  If five people from the same campus attend, we welcome the principal or assistant principal to attend complimentary. We are looking forward to meeting all of you.


Inservices, online courses, and motivationals are our signature services, but what if I told you that they’re all supported by daily lessons plans and activities?  I know. I know.  It’s hard to contain your excitement!  From Curriculum Guides and Ancillary Books, to Party Packs full of manipulatives, we are here to help you organize and execute the most amazing Reading WRITE approach available to teachers!

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Teach BIG! Kemah Conference

Teach BIG is dedicated to building relationships as the cornerstone to creating a learning atmosphere that will last a lifetime.  Assessments are a reality, but when they are viewed as a place where students can show off what they have learned, it becomes something they look forward to, and students move from surviving to thriving.  Reading WRITE inspires students one teacher at a time by incorporating  interActive experiences and weaving together the inseparable content of Reading and Writing!

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