A Podcast Made with Teachers and Parents in Mind

Teach BIG! Podcast

I am blessed beyond all measure to have been raised in a family of teachers and preachers. I became a teacher of students and then a teacher of teachers. When my husband asked if I was happy with all I had accomplished, I told him there was still something left on my professional bucket list. I wanted to open my very own early childhood preschool. So with that being said, we saved up and opened the doors of our preschool in 2008. The blessings continue to pour in, as we have the most amazing families at our school that anyone could ask for!  Soooooo…..my podcasts will tackle content that’s relative to educators and parents alike. Join us on our weekly podcasts (don’t worry, they’re only about 15 minutes long-just perfect for your drive to work in the morning), as well as on the TLC Network on Tuesday nights. Tune in to “Outdaughtered” to see me and the only surviving all-girl quintuplets at our preschool. Life has an awesome way of finding blessings as long as we continue to be the blessing!