Fill ‘Er Up!

Someone asked me many years ago if I knew how to say the word, “NO.”  To be honest, I had never considered saying no to anything anyone asked of me.  Over time, I found myself putting off things I needed to do for myself in order to help other people’s goals come true.  This began to wear me down.  I soon realized how important it was to say, “No.”  “No,” doesn’t mean that you do not want to lend a hand to others.  It simply means that you need to stay healthy and alert for all of the things that you have already said, “Yes,” to along the way.

Many people think about filling up their cups, but does anyone ever consider that the pitcher needs to be refilled, too?  In our lives, we are most often the pitcher.  Since we are teachers, we tend to help everyone around us and try to be everything to everyone.  What a wonderful way to design a teacher! However, this blog series is about filling up the pitcher – you!

Take a long, hot bath and sing at the top of your lungs, because sweet friend, you have a lot a preparing ahead of you!  Forgive any students who you have been denying forgiveness to because of how they have been acting or how they have been slacking in their assignments.  Get your mind completely clear and free of any debris that could be a distraction.

Close your eyes.  Envision the best teacher you have ever had.  Make a promise to your students that you will be at your best for them.  Visualize a worksheet that you plan for your students to complete.  Imagine the chart, or the words, or the concepts literally jumping off of the page.  Watch out, because they may jump pretty quickly!  The more you Teach BIG, the quicker two dimensional activities hop off the age and become three dimensional activities.