My Sincere Prayer for You!

Dear Lord-

I know that you are all powerful and can handle the things that I cannot.  I ask that You wipe my human slate clean, so that Your agenda may be accomplished.  Today I pray for every teacher who picks up this book; and for those who pick it up, but never read it.  I pray for an attitude of kindness and peace only You can provide in the teachers’ lives.  I pray that each teacher is granted just enough uninterrupted time to read just as much of this book as they need in the moment that they need it.  I pray for each teacher’s health.  I pray that they have an uncanny way of avoiding illness and an amazingly short recovery time when they do fall ill.  I pray that each of them has just the right students in just the right timing so that Your goals are accomplished.  I ask that their challenges become their greatest rewards.  I ask that the teachers have a yearning to learn more about the subjects they are teaching, and that they will find just the right inservices to meet their needs.  I ray that they are blessed with supreme energy each day so that the amazing lessons in their heads become amazing lessons for kids.  I also pray for their families.  I ask that they understand the extra hours it takes to be a Teach BIG teacher.  I ask that angels surround each teacher as they travel throughout the school year – to and from school, and for any trips they may take.  I pray for the Teacher’s Lounge in each of their buildings.  Let it be a place of encouragement and laughter – not a place here students are complained about and negativity is bred.   I pray that they find the greatness within themselves, which can only be found by believing in the greatness of You!  -Amen