Thank You Notes & Votes

This might be my favorite set of blog posts to make!  I LOVE thanking people and sharing funny stories.  Continue to check this set of blog posts to see you are the subject I’m thanking and the subject of my vote.  I will be thanking people that are amazing teachers, stand-out employees, or all-round phenomenal people!  I will be voting (and writing, of course) for those of you guys who bring us the funny kid stories that keep us going!  If you have a funny student story that you’d like me post, just shoot me an email, and I will make it happen (but only if it’s inspirational and positive, and no names are used).  I will also be posting occurrences that happen here at our conference center that get my vote!  So, let me start by issuing my first THANK YOU and my first VOTE…they both go out to YOU!