Randi’s Family

Randi Whitney and her crew


Blessed is the best descriptor I can give for the family I was born into and the family I married into!  I come from a family of teachers and preachers, where my parents consistently invited me into their classrooms to be a part of the teaching experience.  Their unwavering support is unmatched and has molded the very person I am today.  My in-loves are so important to me because they raised the BEST husband I could have ever dreamed up.  My husband’s support of me, our children, and our businesses is why everything looks so easy for me.  As I traveled, there were nine years in there where I was pregnant or nursing someone.  Through those hectic years, we thrived because of Kenny’s ability to juggle a business and a bunch of kids while mommy was away presenting to teachers across our nation.  My children have grown up in a world where service to others is paramount, so much so, that you will see them and their friends working our 1950’s diner when you attend a seminar at our Teach BIG Conference Center and Retreat.  We currently have two sons at Texas A&M (Jake and Luke) and two who are a junior and senior in high school (Lolo and Lane).  We have also had the privilege of traveling the country with them as they have played select sports and been involved in study abroad opportunities.  Enjoy the pictures below of my biggest treasures.  I am thankful that God saw fit to believe that two kids who met when they were eleven would understand the importance of seeking Him to raise these beautiful people.  We are so proud of the wonderful young adults they are all becoming.

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