Our Team

Our Teach BIG Staff


Everyone wants to be chosen for a team that wins the championship at the end of the season!  Well, our team wins the championship every year!  We are truly blessed to come into work each day with a group of Christian ladies and guys that have a common purpose. We all have a desire to serve our fellow educators and watch them go out into their own classrooms using our approaches with the greatest of successes. We live for Jesus and those moments when teachers return and tell us that our ideas inspired their students. I am truly grateful for each of the people around me, and each day is a blessing!

Randi Whitney - Owner/Author/Motivational Speaker

Ken Whitney

Cheryl Fowler - Executive Director

Rylie Stevenson - Asst. Executive Director

Kelley Kratky - Asst. Executive Director

Erin Mackay - Accounts Receivable

Katelyn Allen - Print Shop Manager

Jennifer Winters - Consultant

Diner Team - (From L to R) Lindsey Araujo, Travis Valore, Lane Whitney, Luke Whitney, Kam Garza