“Two Parents in a Pod” Podcast

"Two Parents in a Pod" Podcast

featuring Randi Whitney


Randi Whitney always knew that children were a part of her future. She became a teacher at the age of 22, and before long, she had won the hearts of students and parents alike. She now owns two businesses and travels the country giving motivational seminars to teachers and churches.

Randi is the mom to four children: Jake, Luke, Lolo, and Lane. Two of them are in college and attend Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. The other two are a Junior and Senior at their high school. She has been happily married for more than 20 years to her high school sweetheart, Kenny.

She has a keen understanding of the phrase, “The days are long and the years are short!” It wasn’t too long after having her fourth child in six years that Randi realized she had created her own family daycare. Grandparents, friends, and prayer sustained her during those days.

To add to the crazy, Randi left the public school system and started her own educational consulting firm. She was traveling 4-6 days a week to different cities to spread her message that “Every Child Has a Voice!” Her Language Arts training ideas have shaped teachers nationwide.

Her love of children wasn’t finished yet! In 2009, she opened her own early childhood preschool. Starting out with only six students, didn’t deter Randi. Today she has over 150 students and a waiting list equally as long!

In raising her own children and in helping raise thousands of others at her preschool, Randi lives with the motto of “The only thing wrong with a mess is if you don’t clean it up!” She loves a noisy hallway and a creative classroom!

To say that Randi Whitney knows a lot about children is, perhaps, an understatement. But she’ll also tell you that a smart person learns from their own mistakes, but a wise person learns from others! That is the spirit in which she created the podcast: Two Parents in a Pod! She knows the importance of parents sharing ideas and funny stories to get them through the most rewarding job they’ll ever have!


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