Book Studies

Teach BIG Book Studies

(featuring Randi Whitney)


Book studies have a unique way of bringing together like-minded people. Bonding is sure to happen when you gather teachers and ask them to read about teaching! There’s something about the spirit of a teacher that runs deep and they just can’t stop talking or thinking about the next greatest lesson, the student who looked sad that day, or when the teacher supply store is having their next sale!

The Teach BIG Book Study will build camaraderie between the amazing teachers at your campus! Divide it up into 7 weeks, and watch the laughter flow and the feelings grow at your staff meetings!

Discuss what kind of teacher everyone is and what kind of teacher everyone strives to become after your staff participates in the survey in Chapter One. We move on to talk about how we can make the most out of transition and hallway time, as well as what we can all be doing in parent conferences in order to be more effective. Then, the teachers feel completely understood, as the discussion turns into how to take care of yourself even while living the hectic life of an educator. Let’s not forget the Petri Dish chapter, where our teacher’s lounge transforms into a place of building each other up and sharing ideas! Close with the Reunion chapter, and enjoy self-reflection and being asked, “How will you be remembered?”


Have you ever wondered what kind of teacher you are?
Do you have a desire to build relationships with students so that learning is more authentic?
How will you be remembered at their 20th High School Reunion?
Are you searching for a book study that will motivate and cultivate?


Have the Teach BIG book study school-wide, amongst your grade level team, or even just for yourself!

Teach BIG Book Package: $15/each or $10/each for 50 or more teachers

Download this quick study guide that follows along with our Teach BIG book.  Order your very own Teach BIG book at the link below!