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Teach BIG Motivational Keynotes

(featuring Randi Whitney)


Teachers are expected to motivate students every day!  But who will motivate them?  They continuously pour out their lemonade pitcher, and Randi Whitney is here to fill it back up!  Whether your campus needs to start the year on an uplifting note, or needs a booster shot during the year, let Randi help direct their attention to what matters most and remind them of why they became teachers in the first place.   Choose the motivational that sounds perfect for your campus from the extensive list below, and be ready to experience the outcome that exceeds your expectations!



Why bring us to your school or district?

--> Begin your year with a culture that fosters unity.

--> Motivate and rejuvenate your teachers as the school year moves along.

--> End your school year with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude.



Motivational Seminars for Teachers

  • Are Restroom Breaks Flushing Your Day?  (The 3 Types of Teachers in the Hall)
    • The night before my very first day of teaching, EVER, I called my mom for last-minute advice.  Her answer surprised me.  She said that, as a principal, she knew what kind of teacher someone was by how they took their kids to the restroom.  Taken aback, I asked her to elaborate.  What she said has stayed with me forever.


  • Elevators, Escalators, & Staircases - How Do Your Students Rise to the Top?
    • Teachers have a million ways to motivate their students and help them be amazing.  But what is it that makes some teachers more efficient than others?  The answer becomes clear as we watch the steps a teachers uses to guide his/her students to be their personal bests.  How do your students rise to the top?  It all depends on YOU!  Learn through laughter and tears all about who you are….the elevator, the escalator, or the staircase!


  • Lesson Plans - Tortoise or Hare, We All Get There
    • Open those lesson plan books you’ve poured over…..Left-brained teachers, I see you right there with all of your color-coded pens!  Right-brained teachers, let’s hear from you, I know you have arrows pointing everywhere!  Let’s take a look at lesson planning under the spotlight of Teaching BIG, as we navigate the approach that fits your style.  Whether you have to turn them in, or you are intrinsically motivated to plan your day, we all need a vision of which concepts are quick and which concepts take months.  Just remember, tortoise or hare…we all get there!


  • What's In Your School's Petri Dish?  Lessons from a Healthy Lounge
    • What grows in your school’s petri dish?  Are you in a dish of happiness and positivity…..or is your school’s dish riddled with negativity?  Let’s send the petri dish from your campus off for some lab work and then develop a plan to grow a healthy school culture.  Randi Whitney will tell of the tales of lounges from around the country…some will make us laugh, while others will make us cry.  Either way, be ready to experience a cultural change at your campus by simply owning and making the changes that everyone has desired, but no one wanted to say out loud.


  • Be Their Sunshine - The Itsy Bitsy Spider Needs You
    • That spider has been trying to climb up that water spout for generations.  What has been stopping him from arriving at the top?  Sometimes that answer is his home life.  Sometimes that answer is the peer pressure she feels.  Sometimes it’s a learning challenge.  Sometimes we might be the rain that keeps pushing his little body off of that learning spout.  Now, let’s be intentional about being their sunshine.  Enjoy hearing the funny, personal stories Randi Whitney shares as she brings daily ideas that every educator can accomplish without spending a single penny!


  • 63 Golden Minutes™ - Take Back the Hour a Day Wasted on Transitioning
    • An hour a day, five hours a week.  Twenty hours a month.  180 hours a school year.  Teachers would LOVE to have that kind of extra time!  Guess what?  They do.  Take a journey down your hallways, and all of your other times of transition, to find the elusive 63 Golden Minutes of your day.  Enjoy a journey through a typical school day and join a movement which continues students' learning even in the hallways.  No more….don’t be so loud.  No more…..don’t touch your friends.  No more….don’t run down this hall!  Instead, turn the corridors of your school into a positive extension of your classroom.  Enjoy learning how to fill their transition time with Tiny Times activities that also win their hearts in just 63 Golden Minutes!


  • How Will You Be Remembered?  The journals from the 20th High School Reunion of your students.
    • My 20th high school reunion was several moons ago now, but the lesson I learned from it has guided me ever since.  As I sat around talking to my best friends from high school, some asked, “Who was your favorite teacher of all time?”  We all had someone’s name to contribute, and all of those someones made us smile, laugh, and get teary-eyed as we recalled all the reasons that they made our “favorites” list.  Then, of course, the next questioned beckoned….who was your least favorite teacher?  Our body language changed, as did the tone of our voices, as we all mentioned someone who fell on that dreaded list.  The story could have ended there, but I was even more bothered by the third kind of teacher.  How can we spend 180 days with our students and then not make the best, or the worst, list?  Be inspired to make a list, the BEST one, of course!  How Will You Be Remembered?


  • The Lemonade Stand - Fill Your Pitcher Up
    • Will you send in your weekly reports, please?Will you open my ketchup packet, Miss?Will you email me back about my son, I just emailed you ten minutes ago!

      Will you tie my shoes?

      Will someone please pour me some lemonade?

      Life is constantly asking teachers to give of themselves. And generally speaking, that’s what we signed up for and it’s what we live for on a daily basis. But once in a while, our lemonade pitcher becomes empty if someone around us doesn’t take a moment to fill us up. This is especially relevant for the new teacher who is navigating his/her way through the first few years of teaching. Teacher retention is at an all-time low, so it’s more important than ever to support each other. Join Randi Whitney in this motivational as she takes you on the journey of filling your pitcher back up. We need to take care of ourselves at school and at home - our health and happiness depends on it! Be ready to get filled back up.



  • The Chocolate Covered Strawberry Effect - How to bring prayer back in our schools without bringing it back in our schools
    • When people ask, “What’s the biggest thing I can do to help my kids learn?” Randi Whitney’s response is always the same! Pray for them. The moment you receive your class list for the year, begin praying for your students. Prayer doesn’t have to be advertised to be effective. Randi is honored to be asked time and time again to share her unique approach to learning success through prayer in her classroom. Receive a list of scriptures that you can match up with individual students. From sitting at a different child’s desk each day before school to pray for that child to understanding students’ home lives to specifically lift them up, be ready for learning to happen at lightening speed in your classroom! All things are possible through Christ who strengthens them! Watch as your students achieve more this year than any other year in school because you have a secret weapon - prayer!


$2500 (plus one day travel) - 45 minute motivational by Randi Whitney

Teach BIG Book Package: $15/each or $10/each for 50 or more attendees



Randi Whitney also leads Women’s Prayer Retreats in churches across the country!

Her signature prayer retreat is SANCTUARY!

The Sanctuary Prayer Retreat follows along with the song “Sanctuary” line by line as ladies discover what it truly means to become a sanctuary for others and themselves.  We will explore all the different types of prayer found within the Bible and how they relate to our everyday lives. From the one sentence prayer of Jesus at Gethsemane to the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew, we learn that God hears us no matter how short or long our prayers are….He simply delights in hearing from us! This retreat can be adapted to accommodate an evening motivational, an all-day engagement, or an entire weekend of fellowship.  Ladies will be inspired by God’s word, all the while, be served chocolate covered strawberries, be prayed over, and learn through interActive demonstrations.  Lord, prepare me to be a Sanctuary!