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Our Teach Big Language Arts (TBLA) online courses open the door to creating your own inservice selection and schedule!  Sign up for the courses that will enhance the awesome teacher that you already are in the classroom. Be prepared though....you may get addicted to this personalized, self-paced training!  Never fear, as courses are being added all the time. Each course is accompanied by a downloadable handout!  You can even add on a Party Pack that contains every manipulative needed (demonstration set, small group set, or individual class set) so that you don’t have to run to the copy machine or find colored card stock to create all of these interACTIVE games and activities.   Hop on the technology train to develop your very own inservice plan!


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How to Grade an Expository Composition (Available August 2019)
Assessing composition writing is a task that many teachers dread!  Well dread no more....register for this all-encompassing 6-hour online course and you will actually begin to look forward to grading your students’ Expository Compositions. You have complete control over your pacing and you will receive a CPE certificate upon completion. Join the online learning experience where you receive the coursework you need in the comfort of your own home-you can even stay in your pajamas-we will never know. What we will know, is that you are dedicated to learning and becoming an even more fantastic teacher!

The Expository Grading Day Course is designed as a six-hour all-inclusive course. It is a one time purchase of $125. It may be purchased at anytime of year. The pace of the course is determined by the teacher. After completion, a CPE/CPU certificate will be issued for 6 hours to the person who has registered for the course.

Look at what's included:

  • Engaging PowerPoint, Video, and Voice-over Lessons
  • 100-page course downloadable handout
  • Printable 6-hour Completion Certificate at the conclusion of the course


How to Teach an Expository Composition (First sections available October 2019)
The Expository Content Online Course will be delivered through a drip method. This means that a unit will be made available once a week for 20 weeks. This is designed so that a concept can be learned and implemented prior to the next unit being taught. Since they are separate units, they may be purchased separately. The 20 units are $20 each, totaling $400 for the entire Expository Course. If purchased as a package, the total Expository Course is $299. If the whole course is purchased at once, the drip method still applies until all units have been posted. A teacher may join at anytime and for any unit. A teacher joining after the dripping has begun, may return to any previously posted units.

  • If you’ve ever wondered about the ins and outs of teaching the Expository Composition through the writing process, your life just became easier with this course!
  • This course will be offered in 30-minute sections with the first sections released October 2019.
  • Each session will accompany a 5-10 page downloadable handout.
  • After completion, a CPE/CPU certificate will be issued for .5 hours to the person who has registered for the course. The total hours available to be earned for the Expository Content Course is 9 hours.
  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that each section be completed in the order listed.
  • *** Party Packs (all necessary manipulatives printed on colored card stock) are available for each section of this course. The blacklines are contained in the downloadable handout, but Party Packs allow for teachers to skip the hassle of finding particular paper/card stock/colors and going to the print shop to prepare for the fun activities used in the course!  The Party Packs include teacher demonstration models, small group sets, and class sets depending on how each activity is utilized in the classroom! Each Party Pack is only $20!
    • UNIT 1:  Prompt Analysis - Level 1 - Go/Topic/Charge words
    • UNIT 2:  Prompt Analysis - Level 2 - Difference Between Open & Closed Prompts
    • UNIT 3:  Stated & Understood Thesis Writing
    • UNIT 4:  Brainstorming - Inform Style
    • UNIT 5:  Brainstorming - How Style
    • UNIT 6:  Brainstorming - Why Style
    • UNIT 7:  OCTO & MORE Organization
    • UNIT 8:  Introduction Writing - Level 1 - The Three Basic Approaches
    • UNIT 9:  Introduction Writing - Level 2 - The Four Higher Level Approaches
    • UNIT 10:  Main Body Development - Linear and Starring
    • UNIT 11:  Main Body Development - CAFE
    • UNIT 12:  Main Body Development - PLUS
    • UNIT 13:  Altruistic CAFE & PLUS
    • UNIT 14:  Sequential Transitions
    • UNIT 15:  Transition Families Beyond the Sequence
    • UNIT 16:  Conclusion Writing - Level 1 - Basic
    • UNIT 17:  Conclusion Writing - Level 2 - HAT Higher Level Approaches
    • UNIT 18:  Prompt to Product - Interactive Bulletin Board - Keychain Writing
    • UNIT 19:  Prompt to Product - Cumulative Graphic Organizers
    • UNIT 20:  From I-Write Foldables to Performance Foldables



Pitfalls Online Course (Available November 2019)

Knowing what you should do as a writer is one key to success. But equally important, is knowing what you should NOT do! Pitfalls subtract from all of the great additions authors write. If students know what the pitfalls are, they are more likely to avoid them and recognize them as they’re occurring. This online course tackles the pitfalls of being off topic (it’s so much more detailed than you can imagine) and the repeats (they happen in so many subtle ways). When writers understand what it FEELS LIKE to go off topic or to repeat information, they know it right when it happens and can instantly change their course of writing. This process is known as being a discerning writer.

Whether you teach short/brief answer responses, extended answer responses, or multi-paragraph essays, staying on topic and eliminating repeated ideas is paramount.

This course is sure to be one of your favorites! Registration will open soon for you to gain the knowledge of what all the great writers are avoiding.

This is a 1 hour course. It may be the best $40 you ever spend as a Language Arts teacher.

This course will be available November 2019.


Pre-register before August 1, 2019 for our

"How to Grade an Expository Composition Course"

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