Preschool & Childcare Training

Preschool & Childcare Training


Randi Whitney has owned Strawberry Fields of Learning for over ten years and is a highly sought after trainer in the preschool arena. Although the Minimum Standards are of paramount importance, so is the retention of great teachers, as well as the education of the youngest students.


Learn all about what Randi calls the Three BIG Prongs of Distinction:

  • STANDARDS - Minimum Standards Training
  • STAFF - Staff Training & Motivation
  • STUDENTS - Language Arts Student Education


Be ready to transform your staff into knowledgeable and empowered teachers who truly Believe In Greatness!



The more we know about state expectations, the more likely we are to live them out on an everyday basis. Have you ever dreamed that a state visit could actually be a time to brag on your school instead of feeling a sense of dread? Randi can bring in strategies to your school to prepare teachers for the Minimum Standards and beyond!



Do your teachers verbalize how much they enjoy working for you? Can you see the joy on their faces when students learn something new? Are your teachers encouraging to your students’ parents? Are you ready to learn about effective incentives that don’t involve your pocket book? Then you need Randi Whitney to visit your campus and inspire your teachers.



The same joy holds true when we know what we are supposed to teach and why we’re teaching it! Lesson planning can be simple AND effective! Randi Whitney has written proven curriculum for reading and writing at the preschool levels. Jump on board as your teachers learn how to awaken early reading comprehension and authorship through the use of daily lesson plans. Students become the center of the story as they learn how to truly get involved in the message. Get ready to engage students in developmentally appropriate activities that will delight parents as their children get a head start on learning!


We can conduct training on your campus, at our teacher training facility, or at our preschool.

Choose from 1 hour ($500), 3 hour ($1000), or 6 hour ($1500) trainings.  We can also do custom pricing for specialized training.  Teachers will earn CPE hours for this effective training.

Call or email today to schedule your preschool or childcare training!